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Nov 15, 2015

eLitmus Syllabus 2016 And Question Paper Pattern

eLitmus Syllabus 2016 And Question Paper Pattern

eLitmus Syllabus 2015-2016 for PH Test and Exam Pattern. eLitmus Sample Model Papers 2016 - Aptitude, Reasoning and English.

eLitmus Syllabus 2016:

There are 3 Sections of an eLitmus pH Test Paper and each section contains 20 Questions.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Problem Solving or Data Interpretation and Reasoning
Verbal Ability

There are 20 Questions in each section.
Let’s discuss syllabus for each section of the elitmus paper :

1. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus pH Test

Probability (Roughly 2 Questions)
Permutation Combination (2 Questions)
Number System (3-4 Questions)
Speed, Time and Distance()
Alligation (specially mixture type question 1 for sure)
Time and Work
Geometry(Area of hexagons,circle and quadrilateral) – 4 to 5 questions.
1 or 2 Questions not from any topic, but based on common logic.

2. Syllabus for Problem Solving Section of Elitmus pH test :

Questions on Seating Arrangement
1 or 2 question based on Tabular Data
An addition/subtraction/multiplication questions where each Number(0-9) is replaced with an ALPHABET(A-Z).
Data Sufficiency Problem.
one big question will definitely come from cryptic multiplication or addition with 3 to 4 parts.

3. Verbal Ability Syllabus for elitmus pH Test:

4 Fill in the blanks Questions
3 Reading Comprehension paragraphs: Each RC will have 4 Questions.
2 Jumbled Paragraphs Questions
2 Vocabulary Based Question :Fill the pair of gaps in a sentence with the most appropriate pair of words given.

Books To Refer for eLitmus Test Preparation:

There is no separate text book for this exam. But students can refer Quantitative Aptitude By Arun Sharma, R S Agarwal

eLitmus Negative marking scheme:

If you do more than 25% questions wrong of the total attempt then for rest of every wrong answer half mark will be deducted. If you attempt more than 1/4th of total questions wrong then you get negative marking, for example: if you attend 12 questions, 1/4th of 12 is 4, so if you attempt 9 right and 3 wrong then u have no negative markings but if you attend 8 right and 4 wrong then negative marking will be there for that 4th question but not for the other 3. Negative markings are section wise not for the complete test.
eLitmus Test is beneficial for All department students CSC, IT, ECE, EEE, E&I, and even for civil and Mechanical Engineering students too etc. There is no basic questions from Electrical/Electronics department. Elitmus Aptitude Question Paper is not tough.