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Nov 12, 2015

Resume Writing Tips For The Freshers

Resume Writing Tips For The Freshers
Top best resume writing tips for the freshers. Sample freshers resume.Tips for writing attractive CV for freshers. 

Your resume is generally your first introduction to an employer. It should be written with great care and consideration. It should highlight your skills, achievements, and qualifications that relate to the type of position(s) you are pursuing. It should include specific descriptions that give the reader a solid picture of your accomplishments and capabilities. Here are some tips for fresher’s to prepare a resume…

What is mean by resume ? Why we need good resume ?

A resume, by definition is a document prepared with the primary motive of marketing an individual’s skill set, achievements and potential. This document speaks precisely of the qualification, academic and professional, and focuses on the interest area of the candidate.

Points to remember while preparing the resume.

1. Always use the good quality paper for your resume. 

2. While preparing your resume, first and foremost consideration is your typography – the font and the size.  

3. Make sure that the your resume format with good look and feel to grab the attention of the reader within a short span of time. 

4. In a resume you have few choices of fonts viz, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial or Georgia. It is preferable to use font size 14 for headings and 12 for the information.

5. As a fresher, the section you should describe the most is your academics and any workshops, internships, seminars etc. where you have gained more knowledge about the skills you are interested in.

6. Updated and correct contact information – your full name, address, phone number and email address. Educational qualifications in chronological order – it is better to have this information associated with the names of the institutes that furnished the degrees or certificates. Mention professional qualification and/or training if undertaken. Employer may contact you at any time.

7. Small mistakes in the resume give negative impact to the employer. So make sure to correct all grammatical and spelling errors.

8. Remember to mention any awards or recognition earned by you during your academics.

9. Include sections like languages known, hobbies and interests, extra-curricular activities, your positive points in brief.

10. Restrict your resume to not more than two pages.

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