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Jul 10, 2016

How To Prepare For Aptitude And Reasoning Written Test Preparation Tips

Tips to prepare for Aptitude and Reasoning Exam. Freshers written test preparation.

How To Prepare For Written Exam:

Applying students or the aspirants preparing for written exams, they should know that they are  at the right place, you would get the answer of your questions that How to Prepare for Written Exam , here in this article we would be providing 10 tips to prepare well before exam.
How To Prepare For Written Exam
As we all know that for getting in to any company, or in to college one has to go through the phase from written exams and if we talk about students then in school procedure says they we have to clear written exam for getting passed and for getting entry to next level or in next class or even in semester too. Those aspirants who are going through any entrance test or are preparing for any written test for the exam, they can consider these 10 tips o prepare well before exam in order to get success in your exam.

10 Tips to Prepare Well Before Exam

Exam outline

Every written exam has their own pattern to write like as what would be the duration of the exam, what will be the number of questions, different subjects negative marking aspect exam nature whether it will be objective type or subjective type. before giving written exam , these all are the points which every student must keep in mind  at the time of preparation also during the exam also. Hence, it would be appropriate if students study according to the criteria of exam but not from the note- book.

Schedule your time table

If you study timely as per the scheduled timetable then the probability of getting success will increase, well, the best suggestion would be if you will divide your time partially and try to schedule your time for study for other different subjects then, you need to ensure that you get stick to your time table and thus in this way you will be able to start gaining your confidence over on your subject before the written examination.

Habit of revision

Revision is must before jumping to next chapter and in this way we will be able to memorize the previous learnt things, as it is a myth that learnt things start getting blur by the time , in order to revise all this one should do revision  in vry two months while at the time of preparation.

Make your- Self notes

How To Prepare For Written Exam

If you make notes by yourself then it get easy at the time of revision and also to understand the material as it is being made in our own language so we are able to memorize the things  very easily this is the best way to make the information recalled in an easy and effective manner.

Expert direction

It is obvious that if we get expert guidance for any exam preparation, it gets much easy to solve any previous year papers and whatever the difficulty comes in.


For getting good result in exam and to concentrate, meditation is the best way to make you get energetic and to boost you up before the examination an also it helps you to memorize and also to keep the things in your mind.

Thorough your answers

Whatever the lessons and questions you have learn, it will benefit you if you will verbally answer to the question raised by your siblings – mother father or your sister, before exam , you should ask them to make you thorough with the lessons  because this will help you to get clear with the concepts deeply and you would be able to memorize everything and thus in this way you will see that where you fall.

Drink water

Going well – hydrated before the exam is very necessary and it makes your brain to work sharper and it best. Keep this in mind before or while your preparation at the time of exam that drinks plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day.

Take breaks

When you think that studying for the long hours will make you exhausted then taking breaks will bring instinct  magic while at the time of your study, for instance if are  at gym then you will not go  nor work out for long hours , it is obvious that you will take breaks in between so likewise! Studies have shown that for long term retention of knowledge, taking breaks brings boosting energy within you.



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