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Aug 29, 2016

HP Technical Placement Paper Pattern 2016-2017

HP Technical Placement Paper Pattern 2016-2017:

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Q1. What will happen if we give GOBACK instead of STOPRUN in a cobol program which is not called by some other program?

Q2. What is meant by Open Source Is Java Open Source or not?

Q3. What is the main difference between cmm level 13,4,5?

Q4. What is difference between IDE1 and IDE2?

Q5. What is Open System and Closed System in Computer terminology?

Q6. What is Interrupts and Exception handling?

Q7. What are interfaces, abstract classes. What is their purpose and differences?

Q8. What is Use Case What is the template to write UseCases?

Q9. What is the difference between CMM and CMMI?

Q10. I have a Web Server, Application Server, Servlet Engine, Database - all located on separate systems behind

Q11. How do you implement TREE in Java? How do you implement the same using C or C++? 

Q12. What is Semaphore and Mutex?



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