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Aug 29, 2016

HP Interview Questions And Answers pdf For Freshers 2016-2017

HP Interview Questions And Answers pdf For Freshers 2016-2017

Q1. What are different models used in testing?

Q2. What is functional testing?

Q3. What is difference between verification and validation?

Q4. What is difference between severity and priority? with example.

Q5. What is difference between QC and QA?

Q6. What is non functional testing?

Q7. Difference between SDLC and STLC.

Q8. What is smoke testing?

Q9. Write bug template.

Q10. What are different techniques used in testing?

Q11. What is testing?

Q12. Write test scenario for phone, chair, pen.

Q13. What is test case?

Q14. Write test cases for pen, phone, chair.

Q15. What is adhoc testing?

Q16. What is RTM (requirement traceability matrix)? Explain.

Q17. What is bug life cycle? Explain.

Q18. Write bug template.

Q19. What is sanity testing?



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