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Aug 29, 2016

HP Verbal Ability Interview Questions With Answers June 2016

HP Verbal Ability Interview Questions With Answers June 2016:

Q1. If Amitabh demands Rs 4 lakh per episode, what amount per episode will be demanded by Sharhukh Khan so that after their assignments both will receive the same amount?

1) Data inadequate
2) Rs 5 lakh
3) Rs 3 lakh
4) Rs 2.5 lakh
5) None of these

Q2. Aishwarya Rai will host on which of the following channels?

1) Zee
2) DDI
3) Star Plus
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these

Q3. What is the total number of episodes for the programme on Sony channel?

1) 50
2) 80
3) 100
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these

Q4. Which of the following is true?

1) Star Plus  Amitabh Bachchan  80
2) Zee  Karishma Kapoor  75
3) B4U  Aishwarya Rai  90
4) Zee   Hrithik Roshan 50
5) DDI  Shahrukh Khan  100

Q5. If Amitabh demands Rs 10 lakh per episode for hosting the programme, what amount will he receive from the organizers?

1) Rs 5 crore
2) Rs 10 crore
3) Rs 6 crore
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these

Q6. Who will be the host in the programme on DDI channel?

1) Amitabh Bachchan
2) Shahrukh Khan
3) Aishwarya Rai
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these

Directions (Q.7-13): 

A word arrangement machine, when given a particular input, rearranges it following a particular rule. The following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement:

Input: She was interested in doing art film
Step I: art she was interested in doing film
Step II: art was she interested in doing film
Step III: art was in she interested doing film
Step IV: art was in film she interested doing
Step V: art was in film doing she interested
Step V is the last step of this input.
Now study the logic and answer the questions that follow:

Q7. Which of the following will be last step for the input given below?
Input: He is going out to search air

1) out is air to going search he
2) out is air to search going he
3) search he out is air to going
4) out air is to search going he
5) None of these

Q8. If step II of an input is not is the casino considering legal action, what step would be not is casino action legal the considering?

1) IIIrd
2) IVth
3) Vth
4) VIth
5) None of these

Q9. Input: Life is all about affair and gossip What will be the fourth step for this input?

1) about is affair gossip life all and
2) about life is all affair and gossip
3) about affair gossip life is all and
4) about is affair gossip all life and
5) None of these

Q10. If step III is many him farewell here gathered to bid which of the following would be the input?

1) here many gathered to bid farewell him
2) here many to bid gathered farewell him
3) here to many gathered bid farewell him
4) Cannot be determined
5) None of these

Q11. If step V of input is net is do can if true idea, which of the following would be step II of that input?

1) if is true net can do idea
2) net is if true can do idea
3) net is idea if true can do
4) net is if can true do idea
5) Cant be determined

Q12. How many steps will be required to get the final output from the following input?
Input: Father needs to check on the boy

1) 5
2) 6
3) 7
4) 4
5) None of these

Q13. What would be the penultimate step for the following input?
Input: Private detectives run over official machinery

1) machinery detectives run over private official
2) machinery detectives over private official run
3) machinery over detectives official private run
4) machinery detectives over run official private
5) None of these

Directions (Q. 14- 18):
Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

The consonants of English alphabet have been coded by using greek alphabets as given in the table and vowels by using different digits.



If any vowel is neither in the beginning nor at the end, it is coded as 3. If any vowel is at the beginning or at the end, it is coded as 7. However, if the same vowel is placed at both beginning and the end, it is coded as 9 and 6 respectively.
How will the following letter-groups be coded?


1) 9Ψβ?γα6
2) 7Ψβ?αγ7
3) 7Ψβ?γα7
4) 6Ψβ?γα9
5) None of these


1) Φδ7αΦαΨ7
2) Φδ3αΦαΨ7
3) Φδ3αΦαΨ6
4) Φδ3αΦΨα7
5) None of these


1) 6ΨβαΦ3?9
2) 7ΨβαΦ3?7
3) 7ΨβαΦ6?3
4) 9ΨαβΦ3?6
5) None of these


1) 7β3βΦδγ7
2) 7β3αΦδγ7
3) 7α3βΦδγ7
4) 3β7βΦδγ6
5) None of these


1) 7?α3δ3γΦ6
2) 9?α6δ6γΦ6
3) 9?α3δ3γΦ7
4) 9?α3δ3γΦ6
5) None of these

Directions (19-20): 
Study the following information carefully to answer these questions:

At an Electronic Data processing Unit, five out of the eight program sets P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are to be operated daily. On any day, except for the first day a month, only three of the program sets must the ones that were operated on the previous day.
The program operation must also satisfy the following conditions:

(i) If program P is to be operated on a day, then V cannot be operated on that day.
(ii) If Q is to be operated on a day, then T must be one of the programs to be operated after Q
(iii) If R is to be operated on a day, then V must be one of the programs to be operated after R.
(iv) The last program to be operated on any day must be either S or U.

Q19. Which of the following could be the set of programs to be operated on the first day of a month?

1) U,Q,S,T,W
2) V,S,R,T,S
3) T,U,R,V,S
4) Q,S,R,V,U

Q20. Which of the following is true of any days valid program set operation?

1) Q cannot be operated at third place.
2) P cannot be operated at third place.
3) R cannot be operated at fourth place.
4) T cannot be operated at third place.

Directions (Q. 21-25): 

These questions are based on code language which utilizes letters in the English alphabet. In each question, there is a word written in capital letter, with one letter underlined. For each letter in that word there is a code written in small letters. That code is denoted by either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 not in the same order. You have to find out exact code for the underlined letter in the word. The number of that code is the answer. Please note that the same letter appearing in other word(s) may be coded differently.


1) r
2) w
3) k
4) n
5) u


1) w
2) g
3) b
4) r
5) u


1) n
2) 1
3) b
4) u
5) x


1) v
2) h
3) t
4) g
5) c


1) f
2) y
3) e
4) p
5) n


1. (5)   
2. (5)   
3. (1)   
4. (2)   
5. (4)   
6. (2)   
7. (2)   
8. (3)   
9. (1)   
10. (4)   
11. (5)   
12. (5)  
13. (5)  
14. (3)   
15. (2)   
16. (5)   
17. (1)   
18. (4)  
19. (3)   
20. (3)   
21. (1)   
22. (3)   
23. (2)   
24. (4)  
25. (5)



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