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Aug 29, 2016

Wipro Sample Aptitude test August 2016-2017

Wipro sample Aptitude test August 2016-2017

Q1. Two bodies changed from p1 v1 to p2 v2 state in two ways. The heat supplied is delta Q and work done is delta W Then what is constant in these two processes

(a) delta q
(b) delta w
(c) delta q + delta w
(d) delta q - delta w

ANS: (d)

Q2. _______ have same atomic number and same mass number are

(a) Isotopes
(b) Isotones
(c) Isomers
(d) Isobars

ANS: (c)

Q3. When a free electron is placed in a plane of electro magnetic then it moves in

(a) in the direction of the electric field
(b) in the direction of magnetic field
(c) of propagation of wave
(d) of the plane containing magnetic field and propagation direction.

Q4. Name the phenomena in which one proton is jumped from one isomer to another isomer to create two different elements

(a) functional isomerisim
(b) sterio merisim
(c) tauto merisim
(d) penta merisim

ANS: (c)

Q5. In the below compounds which one has 40% C ,6.7% H and 53.3 % O what is its emphericaln formula

(a) CHO
(b) CH2
(c) C2H2O2
(d) C2H3O2

ANS: (b)

Q6. X rays are coming from X ray tube, the wavelength is _______ a certain wavelength/s

(a) below
(b) above
(c) in between
(d) out of

ANS: (c)

Q7. In a triode valve in order to increase the saturation current what has to be done

(a) increase plate voltage
(b) reduce distance between grid and plate
(c) increase cathode potential
(d) reduce grid potential

ANS: (d)

Q8. Seven different toys are distributed among 3 children how many different ways are possible?

(a) 7C3
(b) 7P3
(c) 3 7
(d) 7 3

ANS: (c)

Q9. A, B ans C are three speakers. They have to speak randomly along with another 5 speakers in a function. A has to speak before B and B has to speak before C. What is the probability.

ANS: 1/6

Q10. If dy = (secx + ytanx)dx, Then the curve is

(a) x = y cosx
(b) x = y sinx
(c) x = y tanx
(d) x = y secx

ANS: (a)

Q11. Two series are 16,21,26.... and 17,21,25.....
What is the sum of first hundred common numbers

(a) 101100
(b) 110100
(c) 101110
(d) 110101

ANS: (a)

Q12. There are two sections in a question paper each contain five questions. A students has to answer 6 questions. Maximum no. of questions that can be answered from any section is 4. How many ways he can attempt the paper?

(a) 50
(b) 100
(c) 120
(d) 200

ANS: (d)

Q13. a and b are two numbers selected randomly from 1,2,3.... 25 what is the probability of a and b are not equal.

(a) 1/25
(b) 24/25
(c) 13/25
(d) 2/25

ANS: (b)

Q14. The sum of the series 1 + 1(1+1/n) + 3(1+1/n)2 + ..... is equal to?

ANS: n2

Q15. Two circles of different radii intersects each other what is the maximum no of intersections

(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

ANS: (c)

Q16. If x= sin-1(t), y = log(1-t2), find d2y/dx2 when t=1/2

(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) -8/3
(d) -2/3

ANS: (c)

Q17. If x approaches infinity , then (??dx )/( ??dx) is ?

(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) -1
(d) 2

ANS: (a)

Q18. If f(x)=1-cos(1-cosx)/x4 is continuos at f(0) then what is x

(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) 1/4
(d) -1/4

ANS: (c)

Q19. For the word SURITI, if you arrange the letters in dictionary order then what is its rank?

(a) 234
(b) 235
(c) 236
(d) 237

ANS: (c)

Q20. Period of sin ((2t + 3) / 6 pi)

(a) 6pi
(b) 6pi2
(c) 3pi

ANS: (b)

Q21 - Q23. Four questions given on the below data

X,Yand Z are senior engineers. A,B,C,D are junior engineers. Company wants to select 4 enginers.
Two will be senior and two will be juniors. The company wants these engineers to work in the most productive way so they respect each persons likes/dislikes.

Y is not friends with A
Z is not friends with C
B is not friends with A

Q21. If B is selected then who will be the remaining 4 members ?

Q22. If C is selected, Z and ___ cannot be selected?

Q23. D is always selected if ___ is selected?

Q24. A speaks truth 70% of the times, B speaks truth 80% of the times. What is the probability that both are contradicting each other is ?

Q25. ??x-3)/((x2 +x+1)2 )dx is ?

Q26. Ram starts from A walking 2 km North and turns right and walks 4 km and turns right again and walks 4 km and turns right again and walks 4 km and meets Radha at B walking in the opposite direction to Ram .

a) Which direction does Ram walk after the first turn?
b) Distance between A and B

Q27. If the equation x2 - 3x + a = 0 has the roots (0,1) then value of a is ?

Q28. A and Bs temperature are 10 degree celcius and 20 degree celcius having same surface , then their ratio of rate of emissions is ?

Q29. An atomic particle exists and has a particular decay rate . It is in a train . When the train moves, a person observes for whether the decay rate

(a) increases
(b) decreases
(c) depend on the directions of movement of train

Q30. Which of the following exchanges positive ions

(a) cl-
(b) nh2-
(c) ch2

ANS: (b)

Q31. After execution of CMP, a instruction in Intel 8085 microprocessor

(a) ZF is set and CY is reset.
(b) ZF is set CY is unchanged
(c) ZF is reset, CY is set
(d) ZF is reset , CY is unchanged .

ANS: ZF is set and CY is reset

Q32. The best tool for editing a graphic image is?

Q33. Network scheme defines

(a)one to one
(b) many to many
(c) one to, many

Q34. A person wants to measures the length of a rod. First he measures with standing ideally then he measures by moving parallel to the rod

(a) the length will decrease in second case
(b) length will be same
(c) length will increase in the second case.

Q35. One U-230 nucleus is placed in a train moving by velocity emitting alpha rays .When the train is at rest the distance between nucleus and alpha particle is x . One passenger is observing the particle . When the
train is moving what is the distance between particle and nucleus?

(a) x
(b) x + vt
(c) x - vt  

Q36. What is the resulting solution when benzene and toluene are mixed?

Q37. If the word FADENCOMT equals 345687921 then What is FEAT Find representation of 2998.

Q38. Given 10 alphabets out of which 5 are to be chosen. How many words can be made with atleast one repetition.

Q39. Arrange by acidic values : phenol, nitrotolouene and o-cresol?

Q39. Find sum of 3 + 5/(1+22) + 7/(1 + 22 + 32) + ......

ANS: 3n/(1 + n)

The following are few sample questions that maybe asked in the software paper.We havent been able to give the values in certain problems ; only the type of questions have been mentioned.

Q40. What sorting algos have their best and worst case times equal ?

ANS: O v(nlogn) for merge sort and heap sort

Q41. What page replacement algo has minimum  n  number of page faults ?

ANS: Optimality algorithm

Q42. What is the use of virtual base class in c++

ANS: Multiple lines between derived classes.

Q43. Find the eccentricity of a given node in a directed graph

Q44. Convert the infix to postfix for A-(B+C)*(D/E)


Q45. What is swapping?

Q46. Assignment operator targets to

ANS: l-value

Q47. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 2 power m Kbytes and can perform 2 power n Operations an instruction involving three operands and one operator needs maximum of ---bits

ANS: 3m + n

Q48. In round robin scheduling, if time quantum is too large then it degenerates to


Q49. What is network schema?

Q50. Packet Burst is ______

Q51. Picards method uses _______?

ANS: Successive Differentiation.

The following are few sample questions that maybe asked in the hardware paper.We havent been able to give the values in certain problems ; only the type of questions have been mentioned.

Q1. Concentration and resistivity is given and conductivity is asked for?

Q2. R, resistance and C, capacitance is given,find the frequency and Q factor of the crystal?

Q3. Critical frequency and angle theta is given;.the max useable frequency is to be calculated

Q4. Questions on parabolic reflector antennas and half wave dipole antennas design

Q5. Ramp signal is generated from integrator .Whether it is a low or high pass filter?

Q6. Calculate FM bandwidth given max modulation frequency FM , max freq deviation, df and 8 pairs Allowable side band component?

Q7. Add 79H and 86H and tell the contents of flags

Q8. Scr is used for _____ (ac, dc , both )

Q9. Push pull amplifier is used to remove which harmonics (even , odd , both )

Q10. PAM is demodulated using ___ ( low pass filter , high pass filter )

Q11. 16k memory is needed. How many chips with 12 address buses and 4 data buses are needed.

Q12. AM wave is detected using _________ detector

Q13. Which flip flop is used for shift registers

Q14. Program counter does what __ (stores a memory address, address of the present instruction)

Q15. In a bistable multivibrator communication capacitor is used for ______ ( speed up response , ac coupling)

Q16. Totem pole is what?

Q17. Time costant for an integrator and differentiator should be ( small , high etc.)

Q18. TV waves are __ ( sky waves , space waves etc.)

Q19. Which configuration has highest i/p imp. ( ce , cb , cc )

Q20. Parabolic antenna with 2degree angle. What is its directivity.

Q21. Given 10 mhz pe modulation and we got a 100 mhz band.
How many channels can be there.



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